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About Model Balloons UK

We would like to give you an insight to how this unique club began.

Ben Alford and Ray Preston met at a model balloon event.  Where Andy Booth, was using his model balloon, to offer ‘teddy bear' balloon rides for charity.

Ray was building a balloon at the time, and by the time the event was over Ben also wanted to build and fly one himself.  Then a  couple of months later, they all flew their balloons at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, along with a few others from around Europe.

After this, and several fun flights at Ashton Court.  Ben and Ray used to exchange ideas, on how to get more people involved in model balloons. They started up a website and persuaded Paul Alford, Andy Booth and Dave Milkins, along with themselves, to make a committee which would satisfy the needs of a proper club.

This club is now approaching 7 years old, and is slowly gaining respect, and momentum from full sized balloonists, to join them at balloon meets. The club also supports charities, fetes, fun runs etc. The rest of the web site will show you more.

There are two types of balloons, Hot air and gas balloons 


Hot air balloons consist of an envelope (the top bit), these are made of rip stop nylon, a very strong material.  It comes in a variety colour's, and are often made into special shapes.  You can see some in the website gallery.

The basket (the bottom bit) consists of control valves and gas cylinders, there is various ways of putting it all together.  But as a club, we can point you in the right direction, on how to build and fly safely. 


The envelope of these, are made from a material that does not let gas out, and is filled with a lighter than air gas.

The height is altered by losing weight from the basket, temperature also make it rise and fall. We have members who build these and can help you if you so wish to build one.

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